jul 2018

Why unexpected and not wonderful we hear you say?

Well if there's anything we've learnt over the past 12 months it's that the most life changing moments are unexpected.

OCT 2018

The easiest way to tell this tale is with a good ole' fashioned timeline.

So sit back, relax and take a trip down memory lane with us as we try and elegantly detail the whirlwind the past two-ish years have been.

Todd launches Noxen online with a small run of 420 towels

Tans launches Me & the Brave online to a database of 54 people


All the usual small biz / start up things happen. Mistakes get made, too much money gets spent on the wrong things, people cry, some stock is sold.

Here's a yarn for ya

And just like all fairy tales something wonderful happened



Todd & Tans meet at The Little Big Markets Papamoa.

APR 2019

Todd & Tans start comparing notes about their businesses.


MAR 2020


Todd & Tans share all the usual small biz stuff. A few less mistakes get made, more money gets spent on stock, the tears are a little less frequent or at least shared, a shit tonne more products get sold.

JUL 2020

The first collab idea is born and quickly dies after Todd & Tans realise they aren't rich enough to take on the tech industry!

OCT 2020

Todd & Tans launch second collab idea and it actually takes off! The first shipment of 100% Turkish cotton towels sells out.

NOV 2020

DEC 2020

Noxen relaunches with a brand new website

Me & the Brave relaunches with a brand new look, positioning and purpose!

JAN 2021

Talks about a merger start getting more serious (like including the accountant!)

SEPT 2020

Noxen moves in! Me & the Brave and Noxen are distributed together from Tan's garage

AUG 2020

Todd starts casually dropping hints of a merger

FEB 2021

Noxen and Me & the Brave officially announce their relationship by attending The Little Big Markets together!

MAR 2021

Noxen and Me & the Brave out grow Tan's garage and take over 2 storage units on the same day as a Tsunami threatens to wash away Papamoa!


All the people across the land buy, love and adore all the products created by Five Percent Brands so that Five Percent Brands can donate 5% of their profits to amazing causes and everyone can live happily ever after.

APR 2021

One afternoon Todd comes up with 'Five Percent Brands' so Tans builds a brand new website in a week. 

This is Todd

This is Tans

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