In 2018 our founders Todd and Tans independently started brands Noxen and Me & the Brave. Noxen is a surf label born out of Todds need for a bigger hooded poncho for after surfing and Me & the Brave a hat label focusing on inspiring women to make brave choices about the lives they want to live.

After meeting at a local market they soon realised there were a lot of synergies between their 2 businesses and that their skills were complimentary, Todds strength lay in the financials and sales side of things and Tans in brand and product development. Both brands were giving back, Noxen to mental health causes and Me & the Brave to NZ Women's Refuge so the conversations soon moved to how they could create more positive and impactful change in their communities.

Five Percent Brands is a lifestyle company with community at it's core. Ultimately we create lifestyle products that inspire adventure and encourage a healthy lifestyle but our real passion and drive comes from supporting those who are living with mental health struggles. 5% of our annual profits are donated to charities and organisations that are providing much needed support and resources for every day kiwis.

Since officially merging and creating FPB in May 2021, over $22,000 has been donated, something our small team are really proud of. Our community focus also extends to those who have been supporting our brands since day one and those who have become loyal customers over the past 12 months. For us customer service is at the forefront of everything we do and every decision we make.

We're so grateful for every single person who has supported us and enabled us to do the work we do.


Positive and impactful change

5% at a time.