Washing your hooded poncho towel sounds pretty easy, and yes, it is, but following the right technique is what you should focus on if you want them to last longer. While you will be able to clean one by simply putting it inside the washing machine, there are some useful tips we want to suggest to make your towels look and feel as fresh as new for many more summers.

Wash Before First Use

Before you learn how to care for your hooded towels, note that you should clean them before first-time use. To make the most of its absorbency and fluff out the cotton, it's best to give them a standard wash in the washing machine and dryer before use.

Wash With Vinegar

To prevent colours from bleeding, separate them with their similar colours and wash them several times in warm water. Use half of a mild detergent powder when you are washing them and during the rinsing cycle, add around 1 cup of vinegar to it. Adding vinegar not only helps set the colours but also removes any extra detergent residue.

Skip Fabric Softener

Constantly adding fabric softener when washing can create a waxy build-up to your hooded poncho towel. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets coat the cotton to make it appear softer, but it can actually irritate the skin and break down the cotton fibres more quickly and reduce their absorbency. Because of this, we suggest you skip these extra steps altogether.

Wash Separately

If you and your family regularly use your poncho towel, it’s best to wash them every three to four days. For sanitary reasons, we suggest that you wash your hooded towels separately from your clothing. Putting the poncho towels in their own load also makes it easier to adjust what setting to wash towels based on colour and therefore increases the longevity of your ponchos.

With our range of coloured hooded poncho towels, you can wash them in warm water and colour-safe bleach.

Shake Before Drying

When you take your hooded towel out of the washer, give them a good strong shake in the air. This will help fluff up the terry loops which helps with the towel’s absorbency. Don’t let wet hooded towels sit in the washer for too long because this can result in an unpleasant smell. Once you have them out of the washer, be sure to give your towels long enough to dry fully before using them again. When in doubt, allow your towels to complete a full cycle in the dryer and then finish by air drying.

We don’t recommend ironing your hooded poncho towels as this can reduce their absorbency rate.

Fold & Store

If you’re not planning to use your poncho hooded towel, make sure you fold them and keep them in your linen closet, or where you usually store other towels. Make sure that the linen area is in a dry place, free from humidity, and your poncho is folded correctly so that it's easy to grab and ready to wear for your next outing.

These simple care tips will help keep your hooded poncho towel softer and last longer for many years to come.

July 21, 2022 — Tania Eves

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