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Don’t let the suit fool you – the 10 year success.

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Hey you, Tans here. I’m a wife, mum of 2, photographer, creative, fan of a cheeky G&T and living proof that taking risks can lead to good - scratch that, great - things. 

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You’ve heard the saying ‘overnight success’ right?  Yet how many times have you heard people say ‘8 year success’ or ’25 year success’…it just doesn’t sound as good but what if I told you there is no such things as an overnight success?

Did you know it took Nike Founder Phill Knight 10 years of gruelling hard work, near bankruptcy, legal battles and countless pairs of failed running shoes before Nike was even born? It them took another decade to turn the brand into a household name. 20 long years putting all you have into something, 20 long years…that takes some serious kahunas!

And who heard the chart topping ‘In the air’ track by L.A.B being repeatedly blasted over the airways in 2020? The New Zealand band were, for all accounts and purposes, an ‘overnight success’ but over the past 4 years they’ve released 4 albums, done countless gigs and worked real jobs, proving their ‘overnight’ success has actually taken 4 long years to eventuate.

I think as Entrepreneurs we put so much emphasis on the ‘success’ of our endeavours. On how quickly we can launch, grow, expand, sell, become rich and retire. Most of us who choose this path ultimately have that goal in mind (whether we choose to admit it or not) otherwise why would we put ourselves through the painstakingly long days, the highest highs, lowest lows, cashflow headaches and the emotional rollercoaster?

What happens so often these days is that, we as a society, make assumptions about people more than we ever have before. The access we have to each others lives over the internet allows for this to happen, but what we don’t often see is what’s happened 10 years prior to that photo being taken of that confident looking Entrepreneur in that fancy looking suit.

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